Deck Strategy: Affinity 2019 Sideboarding

Affinity has been a staple in Modern for a long time, and while it fell back for a while with the inception of it Hardened Scales brother. Well I still like the good old Classic variant.

So lets take a look at my list.


I play essentially the stock list. If you google Affinity, this is about what you’ll expect to see, love, and enjoy. So With the wealth of content out there, I’m not gonna bother telling you how to play the deck.

I’ll just share side boarding. This guide may be updated as time progresses.

+2 Aether Grid, +1 Ancient Grudge, +1 Master of Etherium, +2 Spellskite, -4 Signal Pest, -2 Etched Champion

+2 Thoughtseize, -2 Galvanic Blast

+1 Etched Champion, +1 Master of Etherium, +2 Spellskite, -4 Steel Overseer

+2 Thoughtseize, -1 Memnite, -1 Welding Jar

+2 Rest in Peace, +1 Etched Champion, -3 Steel Overseer
Grixis Shadow
+1 Etched Champion, +2 Spellskite, -3 Steel Overseer

Hollow One
Don’t bother boarding

+2 Torpor Orb, -2 Memnite

+2 Ghirapur Aether Grid, -2 Steel Overseer

Jeskai Control
+1 Etched Champion, +2 Thoughtseize, +1 Ghirapur Aether Grid, -4 Steel Overseer

Jund or GBx in General
+1 Etched Champion, +2 Spellskite, -3 Steel Overseer

One of these days I’ll play this match up

Lantern Control
+1 Ancient Grudge, +2 Spellskite, +2 Ghirapur Aether Grid, -4 Steel Overseer, -1 Arcbound Ravager

Mardu Pyromancer
+1 Etched Champion, +1 Ghirapur Aether Grid, +2 Spellskite, -4 Steel Overseer

Mono Green Tron
+1 Ancient Grudge (play only), +2 Thoughtseize, -X Galvanic Blast

+2 Stubborn Denial, +2 Thoughtseize, -2 Master of Etherium (I feel 10 colored spells is too heavy), -2 Steel Overseer
Bant Spirits
+2 Thoughtseize, +1 Etched Champion,+2 Torpor Orb (kinda shaky on this one), -1 Welding Jar, -2 Master of Etherium, -3 Signal Pest

UR Pheonix
Don’t bother sideboarding

UR Wizards
+1 Etched Champion, +2 Spellskite, -3 Steel Overseer
UW Control
+2 Ghirapur Aether grid, +2 Thoughtseize, -2 Master of Etherium, -1 Arcbound Ravager, -1 Welding Jar


  1. Awesome!!

    At first glance, I do have one suggestion: Spellskite vs Burn is a thing of art, and it’s also very impressive vs Bogles.

    You can redirect Aurus, and Searing Blaze/Blood too.

    I bring Spellskite vs pretty much any deck with greater than 6 spot removal spells, or with a gameplan it disrupts (Infect, Bogles, Modular decks)

    Great piece!

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