Tournament Report: SCG Columbus Team Constructed Seat A

I ran Affinity Seat B (middle) was on 4c Humans, Seat C was Bant Spirits, we felt pretty solid in out deck choices of triple aggro. Here’s the deck list


Round 1 Burn
Old school modern match up boys. He lead Inspiring Vantage into Goblin guide attacks reveal the Ornithopter I need to enable the Mox Opals for my turn 1 Master of Etherium + Vault Skirge. Easy win.
game 2 I crushed him similarly as he kept a hand full of lava spikes and searing blazes that forgot how to landfall.
Out team won this match

Round 2 Jeskai Control (Abraham Stein, Paul Muller, Caleb Scherer)
Game 1 walk in with the no land special and dream crush him before he can cast the supreme verdict in his hand.
Game 2 he attritioned me out of the game.
Game 3 I do the Aether Grid dance and grind him out of the game.

Round 3 UW Control
Wanna talk dream crushing a players soul? Lets go full on Etched Champion tribal games 1 and 2, fuck Stony I have a Champ with a hat!

Round 4 Big Zoo
A grinder of a game 1. He managed to draw enough bolt effects to whittle me down to just a Champion and a low enough life total facing a 4/5 Goyf, a 6/6 Knight of the Reliquary and a Birds of paradise + 2 noble hierarchs. Sadly a Kessig Wolf Run won him the game Game 2 I kept the sketch hand, but managed to stabilize with an Aether Grid to grind him out of the game.
Game 3 was soul crushing for me. He pulled out the nut 4 bolt hand and top decked enough pressure to out race me.

Round 5 Jund
Welp there’s always the one guy in the room playing classic Jund just because he loves Jund, little did he know playing 4 BBE, 4 Tireless Trackers, and 4 Dark Confidants is not how you build Jund and he lost 14 life to his own Bob triggers.
Game 2, I just went ham and wrecked him. #GGGetWrecked as some would say.

So even though I went a solid 4-1 in my matches, the rest of my team was having the exact opposite.
Seat C went a solid 0-4-1, and seat B went a mediocre 2-3 with an overall team record of 1-3-1 drop.

Turns out Classic Affinity was a great choice this weekend for myself. We agreed the team Should of been.
A: Affinity
B: Something not Humans
C: Gx Tron

But they wanted to do triple aggro, so I didn’t argue myself. I decided to take this event quite casually. I’ll do a deck tech and my current sideboard strategy in another post.

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