Modern: The True Players Format

So yes, this is in fact yet another post as to why modern is a fantastic format. I love the format and honestly I don’t think I really want to play anything else right now.

Last week, if you saw my tournament report for the SCG IQ I played in, you’d notice I didn’t play against a single deck architype multiple times. This has it’s benefits as I enjoy the variety, but when it comes to being prepared with play testing and designing a sideboard. Well, you in for a rough time.

Professional Players have said multiple times in the format’s past that the format is horrible as a Pro Tour format. This is because I can think of at least forty three decks that I believe are actually competitive in any given metagame.

If you watch SCG and GP coverage something you’ll learn is that the metagame is so diverse. That it seems like every region in the continental U.S. has a different preference for playstyles. For example, I played in Louisville last weekend and I couldn’t tell you how many Jeskai Control and fast combo decks like Storm, Amulet, and such I counted in day 1. It’s no wonder you didn’t see many of the fast aggro decks like Infect and Affinity make a top 32 finish in the Open.

This sheer diversity enables Modern to be an almost natural rotating format and not artificial one like Standard is. Case and point just look at Death Shadow. The deck was touted as the best deck for almost the whole year. Whether it be the Jund or even the Grixis build. I have to ask though. Where is it now? Sure the deck still can make a top 8, but overall it just hasn’t actually dominated like it used to.

Same goes for the classic tier 1 decks of modern. Tron, Affinity, GBx like Jund and Abzan, as well as even UW/Jeskai Control. They are all amazing metagame choices, but the diversity is so wide on a national scale you have to look at Modern on a regional scale.

My personal favorite deck Skred Red for example looks like an amazing choice for the area I live and play in (Ohio) I’m not sure however if I could even compete against the metagame I see in some other places.

I’ll talk some more in the next few articles. I plan to release them as soon as I can get them written, but I’ll be going in depth on how I believe modern is a rotating format and yes. I’ll post the data to prove it too.

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