Tournament Report: SCG Cincinnati Open 10/21/17

So played BW Tokens yet again at the Cincinnati Open. Here’s the deck list. I didn’t keep my usual detailed notes, sorry. I spent a good portion of the day more or less frustrated.

Round 1 Esper “Cards I own” Control

So game 1 went quick. I pulled out some tokens and lord effects and did the thing. Games 2 and 3 the guy basically ideboarded into boardwipe tribal with playsets of Supreme Verdict, Wrath of God and… Tragic Arrogance of all cards. He won game 2 as a result.

Game 3 I pulled a judge over to watch for slow play since my opponent was indeed playing fairly slowly. At one point at the ten minute mark on the clock my opponent cast a Sphinx’s Rev for four drawing four cards and then spend the next several minutes shuffling his hand and eventually passing the turn back to me effectively doing nothing and not even playing a land of all things. In the meantime I’m sitting in my seat trying to signal the judge without just outright shouting. and the match goes to time and I end up with a round 1 draw……………
Lesson learned just be a prick and shout at the judge. This comes up several time later so keep reading.

Round 2 UR Storm

Game 1 I get the exact draws I need to pull off a win. Plenty of hand disruption and enough removal to answer his creatures.

Game 2 and 3 I straight up got wrecked once again going to extra turns as this guy was the slowest storm player I’ve ever seen (Yes I did once again call a judge to watch out match, this time it was the head judge). We ended up being the literal last match playing.
Lesson learned play fast be a fucking rules nazi.

Round 3 UW As Fortold Restore Balance

I’m on tilt need I say more? This is the third match in a row to reach extra turns and the third different judge watching my match for slow play with no calls. I lose on extra turn five of game 2 I conceded on game 1 after thirty five minutes.

Round 4 Jeskai Control

I’m on tilt, I only just hope and pray my opponent is not playing some stupid combo deck otherwise I’d drop and go back to the hotel and spend the rest of the weekend never leaving the room.

Opponent leads tapped colonnade. My hand was 3 Virtues a Spectral procession and 3 white producing lands. #Steamrolled.

Game 2 similar scenario with some discard to put my opponent on extra tilt.

Round 5 UR Storm

I got steamrolled payback for last round I guess. I hate this match up, I do everything I can and still lose to it. I guess I really do need to play the silver bullets I hate playing (Rule of Law, Runed Halo, Ethersworn Cannonist, ect). This is after distinctly remembering resolving 4 discard spells, Lost Legacy, having Liliana on the board, plus lifelink tokens all in game 2. Still not sure how I lost.

Round 6 Abzan Midrange

Opponent leads Blomming Marsh Thoughtseize! Yay! I revealed 2 Lingering Souls, my own thoughtseize, a Virtue, and two lands. Opponent sighs as I curve out and wreck him back to back.

Round 7 Jeskai Aggro

This guy had a spicey brew i actually kinda liked playign against. Unfortunately he couldn’t answer turn 2 Auriok Champion into 3 token spells in a row.
Game two i played a much more removal heavy game and pulled a win off Bitterblossom doing it’s thing.

Round 8 and 9 No Shows

So once again i turn around yet another bad start into a decent  enough finish. Unfortunately I personally count these as losses personally as the 3 points don’t do shit for breakers which that value is only further increased in larger events like these.

End of Rounds and My Season of BW Tokens

This weekend was horribly humbling for me. Thankfully it was my best season yet performance wise, but right at the end the deck took a giant shit on me. My opponents  and judges included. It seems like the first three matches took way too long for anyone involved and I guess i need to relearn the definition of slow play as there was no such call anywhere. I didn’t even come close to day two and even if i did I probably wouldn’t have bothered with attending it.

BW Tokens is indeed one of my all time favorite decks, but until the meta works out like I want it to I’m probably just gonna put the deck down. It didn’t feel very competitive and the combo match up is still apparently just terrible. Yes this is a very different attitude as what I had last week, but I’m just tired and worn out really.
The competitive grind is just tat. A grind. So I’m just gonna cut back on competitive and sit back and enjoy some FNM’s for a good while.

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