Preparing for a new Modern Season

A new season is coming for the SCG Tour. It starts December 2nd with the Roanoke Modern Open right into my backyard of Columbus, Ohio. As well as Philadelphia, and Indianapolis. The first few months of the year are packed with events I’m considering attending.

So what do I play? Well I have too many options here’s a strawpoll, help me decide. In the meantime I’m gonna work on updating some old decklists for these decks. But here’s what i have, right now. Plus some thoughts on them. This article may be updated

UR Storm:
SCG’s proposed #1 deck to beat. I’m a closet fan of combo decks, but I care too much about my opponents especially since the majority of games i play are actually casual games. That said I might not mind playing this at least once or twice.

Jeskai Control:
Basically this is the team’s choice of control deck. I enjoy Snapcasters and Bolts, but there’s one card I want to play when i play red. Blood Moon. It’s my second favorite card in mtg and everytime I play Jeskai I want to play Moon but can never make it work out.

Blue Moon:
take Jeskai, cut the white and add more basic islands and Blood moons and you have… Blue Moon. I personally don’t like the Madcap Experiment or the Breach/Emrakul builds myself. That said this list is definitely in need of tuning, but I think it’s a powerful shell.

BW Tokens:
My self described spirit animal and the deck I played the most last season. I love this deck, but I also acknowledge it’s weaknesses.

UB Faeries:
I’m not sure on the competitive viability of the deck. Especially the way i want to play it without Liliana of the Veil or Ancestral Vision.

UW Control:
Another favorite of mine I do enjoy a good control deck, unfortunately I’m just not a good pure control player.

Mono Green Devotion (Nyxwave):
I like this deck as something I can pull out and play in the right metagame, but not much more.

Mono Blue Tron:
This is probably my third or forth favorite deck in modern. It’s my preferred tron deck but not sure i want to take the time to truly master it like Pierakor or Shocktroopa has.

GW Bogles:
My first competitive modern deck Boles is only really listed as an option since I only really need a playset of Slippery Bogle to play the deck.

Skred Red:
Ever wonder what my favorite deck/cards in modern is? This is it. Koth of the Hammer has been my boy since day 1 of my return to MTG with Scars of Mirrodin. Blood Moon quickly became a fellow favorite as well and I just can’t quit this deck. I even made a subreddit for it.

GW Enchantress:
This is more a joke deck  built just to have fun

Mono Red Goblins:
Just like Enchantress this is another joke deck.


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