Tournament Report: SCG IQ 10/14/17

As always here’s the decklist first and foremost.

Round 1 Jeskai Control 2-1

So my first round opponent seemed pretty new to the deck. That’s fine by me, it was pretty obvious when he tried to Bolt my Bitterblossom and Snap flashback a serum visions on my end step.
It was also pretty obvious because he countered my first lingering souls while allowing my 2 Intagible Virtues, Sorin, and Zealous Persecution to resolve that he had no clue on how to play the match up.

-4 Path
+3 Duress, +1 Anguished Unmaking

Game 2 my opponent and I grinded it out with him as the winner after he drew a furious slew of bolts to burn me out from 14.
Game 3 opponent figured out the match up and used his counter spells wisely, but he couldn’t find a sweeper to answer my board in time for him to stabilize and lost to the 1/1 fliers.

Round 2 Abzan Midrange 2-0

So I do a turn 1 Thoughtseize on the draw and I see 4 lands and a thragtusk (He turn 1’d an inquisition to take my Liliana). Cool, I spent the match chumping the thragtusk with Faeries and just turned Spirits sideways until he died.

0 no cards in or out

Game 2 I went straight value on him riping token after token spell and holding up flashbacks and a Spectral when my opponent jams a Runed halo that he named Spirit with. I call judge the judge pulls out her phone read the first ruling on Runed Halo on gatherer that say:

“Runed Halo gives you protection from each object with the chosen name, whether it’s a card, a token, or a copy of a spell. It doesn’t matter what game zone that object is in.”

And says my opponent can in fact name spirit. Well I topdeck a Gideon and just beat my opponent down with Gids a Shambling Vent and a Srin Vampire for the win.


Later that round the judge, TO, and another judge who was playing in the tournament confirmed that my opponent could not name Spirit and apologized. Either way I would’ve won the match anyways with how my opponent drew, but cool.

Round 3 Jeskai Tempo 2-0

So there’s this guy named Spencer Ridgeway who basically won an IQ last weekend. Totally let this other guy borrow that same Jeskai list. I really like the list myself, but I’m also super practiced vs Jeskai decks in general. Basically I discarded the relevant counter spells I cared about about and steam rolled him. That said he did play pretty well, but he couldn’t stop the hype train.

-4 Path
+3 Duress, +1 Zealous Persecution

Opponent didn’t have a Spell Snare when I checked with a Virtue. I windmill slammed Spectral, checked for a counterspell with thoughtseize on turn 4 played a second virtue, survived the turn 6 anger with a Zealous, GG win game. Sorry i rolled right over you man.

Round 4 Burn 1-2

I got the rare game 1 win vs burn with Virtue liliana, and Spectral and beating my opponent down.

-4 Bitterblossom, -3 Thoughtseize
+2 Timely Reinforcements, +1 Zealous persecution, +3 Duress, +1 Sundering Growth

So I’ve seen a lot more burn decks lately playing Ensnaring Bridge, so I figured I’d try the Sundering Growth instead of the 4th Bitterblossom. I still lost game 2 since my opponent had the literal nuts vs me and got me before i could even think about doing anything.

Game 3 I kept a no token hand that had Liliana, Inquisition, Fatal Push, Duress, and 2 lands scrying a land to the bottom. procedded to not only not draw tokens, but I didn;t draw removal, Auriok Champion, or even another walker. #salt on top of that my opponent of course played an Ensnaring Bridge.

I think I need to rework my game plan for the burn match up as it’s not really in my local meta.

Round 5 Dredge 1-2

Game 1 went stupid long as I landed plenty of token spells, but didn’t really draw into any anthems until late, but I ended up the winner anyways for this game.

-2 Inquisition, -3 Thoughtseize
+2 Rest in peace, +1 Zealous Persecution, +2 Lost Legacy

Game 2 I yet again kept a reasonable looking hand that didn’t have any token spells in it, but it was also a mull to 5. I didn;t have a RiP either. My opponent kinda just did his thing and beat me.

Game 3 I had a really decent hand, but still no RiP and my opponent did the dredge thing where he went Cathartic Reunion into all his Prized Amalgums in play on turn 2. I couldn;t keep up at all and he just wrecked me big time.

I need to test this match up more anyways, I dropped my third RiP since i felt it wasn’t necessary. Here to hoping my breakers don’t suck and I win the next round!

Round 6 8 Rack 2-1

Game 1 my opponent puts me on the play. Obvious tell. There’s literally only 1 way to beat 8 rack, tats build up 4 lands and discard all your lingering souls and just STOP PLAYING THINGS OUT OF YOUR HAND. That said i couldn;t assemble that game 1 and lost as a result.

-4 path
+1 Sundering Growth, +1 Zealous Persecution, +2 Lost legacy

I took the draw and got my 4 lands and a Bitterblossom drew a Sorin after a good while and just wrecked my opponent.

-3 Fatal push
+3 Duress

So I’m on the play this time around, with of cource a opening hand bitterblossom and Sorin, with conveniently 2 lands and 2 Lingering Souls. Opponent doesn’t have the Thoughtseize and relies on Wrench mind and Raven’s Crime to try to shrink my hand. Nono opponent, I just steamrolled right over him.

End of Swiss

I placed 10th with a Game win percentage of 63% and a Opponent Match Win percentage of……. 42%

My Round 1 and 2 opponents both literally went 0-6 and thus made all my efforts fail. I guess I just need to do well in Cincinnati next weekend.

Overall I liked the re-inclusion of Auriok Champion in the deck, I’m not sure the 4th Bitterblossom is correct, but 12 token spells is the bare minimum I would go. I might trade it off for a Raise the Alarm, which while it’s a kinda decent card just has massively under performed in the last weeks testing. It would be nice if there was a 2CMC version of Midnight Haunting we could play I guess I should just live with the Soldiers maybe.

Overall the deck just felt powerful in the meta I played in today, and I don’t regret my choice as usual. The modern meta has basically grown more diverse in fair decks IMO. I aven’t really seen decks like Storm, Titanshift and such really dominating like they did a month ago.

One more card I want to really consider more nowadays is Sorin, lord of innstrad, but my walker slots are really filled to the brim right now. Plus I already average one judge call for my token stack that many opponents confuse for a second deck. (I have about 60 or so tokens) per event.

I really do suggest Pros possibly should take a look at this archetype.

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