Tournament Report: SCG IQ 10/7/17


Round 1 Affinity 0 – 2

Game 1:
Lead Pire of Industry into Signal Pest. Rather than playing turn 1 Thoughtseize I elected to play a tapped Shambling Vents. He went into turn 2 Steel Overseer and that card took over the game as I never drew a removal spell.

-2 Liliana of the Veil, -2 Thoughtseize
+2 Stony Silence, +1 Sundering Growth, +1 Zealous Persecution

Game 2:
Opponent nutted into turn 3 Etched Champion and 2 Cranial Platings. I never drew a Stony and burnt the Sundering Growth early to answer a Ghirapur Aether Grid that I had to answer before it would’ve took over the game. Unfortunately I lost.

Round 2 Eldrazi Tron 1 – 2

Game 1:
Played vs Kyle Tayloe from our team. I did my thing with Tokens and Virtues. Watched Kyle grab lads that produce 1 mana and not 7 by turn 3. Won the game.

-3 Inquisition of Kozilek, -1 Zealous Persecution
+2 Stony Silence, +1 Wrath of God, +1 Anguished Unmaking

Game 2:
My notes literally say. “I got crushed” I guess thats what happened. He played dudes and a ratchet bomb.

Game 3:
I was just about to stabize and turn the game around late when he top decks an All is Dust. I was sad.

Round 3 Sun and Moon 2 – 0

Game 1:
So Opponent lead turn 1 Arid Mesa and passed the turn. I pondered a moment (literally, not the card) Decided my opponent was not playing burn. Fetch shock Inquisition I see 2 Nahiri’s, an Anger, and a Emrakul Aeons Torn. I took the Anger and laughed to myself. Made to sure to grab a basic plains and topdecked a swamp slammed some tokens, GG.

-3 path, -3 Fatal Push, -1 Dismember
+ 1 Anguished Unmaking, +1 Sundering Growth, +3 Duress, +1 Lost Legacy, +1 Zealous Persecution

Game 2:
So My hand had 3 fetches Lingering Souls, Virtue, Sorin, Thoughtseize. Snap keep just hope the opponent doesn’t turn 1 moon. Over the course of the game it became apparent the opponent boarded out the moon as he was aggressively fetching duals. Fortunately I never saw any sweepers and got the win.

Round 4 Jeskai Control 2 – 1

Game 1:
Turns out this is one of the guys that host the podcast At Your End Step. On the draw he goes Colonade tapped. I thoughtseize seeing 3 Spell Quellers, Opt, 2 lands. I wasn’t really 100% sure what to take here, but I knew I could play around the Quellers easily with my hand which had Raise the Alarm, Fatal Push, and 2 Spectral Processions and a Fetid Heath. SO I elected to take the Opt. Unfortunately my draws didn’t come out too well and I actually lost to him just end step casting the Spell Quellers and chaining Cryptics and snap caster mages.

-4 Path to Exile
+3 Duress, +1 Zealous Persecution

Game 2:
I spend the game playing around the Quellers and slaming tokens when I got the chance. He tried to chain cryptics but he could slow down the value train enough to pull through. Walked away the winner.

Game 3:
Opponent plays turn 1 Engineered Explosives E for 0 and just let it sit for at least the frst 8 turns. I played a Bitterblossom, Lingering Souls, and Virtue and basically rode that to victory while holding Raise the Alarm, Spectral procession and the Flashback on Lingering Souls up. While I’m well practiced against Jeskai this guy apparently has either not played vs tokens in a long time or has no idea how to play against it.

Round 5 Esper Transcendant 2 – 0

Game 1:
Opponent lead Watery Grave into Thoughtseize takes my own Thoughtseize. I topdecked an Inquisition see a Flooded Strand, 2 Serum Visions, 2 Snapcaster Mages. So this guys is on some Death Shadow build or possibly an Esper Midrange build. Cool, take a Snapcaster mage I guess. He jams a Liliana of the Veil and a Narset Transcendant after fetching a Hallowed Fountain and a Godless Shrine. I basically auto win the game.

-2 Path to Exile, -3 Fatal Push, -1 Dismember
+3 Duress, +1 Lost Legacy, +1 Anguished Unmaking, +1 Zealous Persecution

Game 2:
Opponent doesn’t play much interaction at all past some Lingering Souls and I just curve out on him with Thoughtseize, Virtue, Spectral Procession, Sorin in that order. I took this line of play because it’s not unusual to see this deck play something like Night of Soul’s Betrayal or their own Zealous Persecution. Turns out he had neither and I walk away yet another winner.

Round 6 GR Tron 2 – 1

Game 1:
Tron does tron things, why do I always get paired vs tron in the last round WHY!!!!

-3 Fatal Push, -1 Dismember, -3 Inquisition of Kozilek
+3 Duress, +1 Anguished Unmaking, +1 Lost Legacy, +2 Stony Silence, +1 Sundering Growth

Game 2:
So Opponent leads Sanctum of Ugin into Expedition Map. I got him with the turn 2 Stony Silence. And he just couldn’t recover with my aggressive plays of Thoguthseize, Stony, Spectral, Virtue Virtue, Sorin I don’t care anymore we’re fucking aggro go die now.

-1 Sundering Growth, +1 Inquisition of Kozilek

Game 3:
Opponent stumble hard to the point where he doesn’t play a single tron land all game. My start was as impressive as the last game, but I still get a fast enough star on him to kill him thanks to the presence of Raise the Alarm in my deck. I named Ugin the Spirit Dragon with Lost Legacy just to make sure I had a shot turns out this guy was greedy and played 3 of them alongside 2 copies of Emrakul the Aeons Torn.

Final Results

Once again I miss top 8. Mostly due to my two losses being in the first round and my tie breakers were only literally serviced by two plays. The rest of my opponents had actually dropped (Round 1 opponent dropped after round 2) so they didn’t rally help me at all. That said it was an 80+ person IQ and I scored 21st which wasn’t bad considering my start but I missed out on 16th place which would’ve netted me $50.

This is the same deck list I played last month at Frogtown Hobbies still not really sure how I feel about the 3rd Rest in Peace. I might trade that for a 3rd Stony Silence maybe? Or possibly a second Lost legacy, I’m still undecided but the 3rd Duress is definitely staying.

My biggest failure is that over the past 3 weeks I haven’t really played the token deck. I ventured off into testing UR Storm and it was literally a last minute decision on what I was gonna play at the IQ and I audibled off to Tokens. I was rusty with the deck and honestly I could’ve done a lot better in round 1 if I went with the turn 1 Thoughtseize vs Affinity. Literally my biggest misplay was turn 1 of round 1 >.> luckily I was able to rally a 4 – 0 finished for the day. Sadly the tie breakers weren’t there for me.

Next Few Events

There’s literally another IQ next weekend at Post Board gaming in Findley, Ohio with SCG Cincinnati literally two weeks away. Then we have SCG Regionals (I’ll be attending Ohio Regionals), I think 2 PPTQs (not 100%), and I plan on attending the SCG Invintational at Roanoke yet again since threee members of my team have gotten invited.

One of these days guys. One of these days.


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