BW Tokens is still my spirit deck…..

Yeah I know it’s a bad deck. It sucks, too fair, clock is too slow, it’s tron match up is worse than Jund or Abzan’s. But, it’s my deck. I know this deck almost better than any other deck and that’s why I’m playing it at this Starcity Games IQ today at Comic Town in Columbus, Ohio.

Here’s the decklist for you guys.

I’m still shaky on the viability of Gideon, Ally of Zendikar. I’ve played him as a 1 or 2 of for a while, but I’m still never sure on how ad when to best utilize him. It fits in an awkward point of the curve, and I’m more willing to board him out than some people think I should. That why I might not even play him at all today.
Liliana belongs in this deck at this point. Jund and Abzan makes much better use of her, but she’s still a power house. Especially in the matches where Fatal Push is bad vs the big mana decks like Eldrazi Tron, Titanshift, or Gx Tron. Or, even against combo decks like Storm and Ad Nauseam.

The biggest thing some people like to point out is that I’m playing 3 Duress and a Lost Legacy. While excluding Collective Brutality almost entirely.\

Rant Time:

The reason is simple. First of all Collective Brutality is a good card, I won’t deny that. But, escalating it just isn’t something this deck wants to do in the match ups that I want to play it in. Specifically I would want to play it vs Burn and Combo, but it’s slow and this deck doesn’t feel like a great fit for the card. Basically how Tokens operates is on a critical mass board state, much like Affinity and Merfolk. The last thing I need to be doing is emptying my hand of valuable resources just to answer a thing or two. That’s not how this deck should operate.
What I want to be doing is trading 1 for 1with my opponent while a full powered Collective Brutality is at least a 2 for 3. And yes we should ALWAYS drain the opponent. The life swing for this deck is much needed with Bitterblossom and Dismember on top of the side Anguished Unmaking. That’s the main reason I don’t want to play the card.

The duress is still a very welcome card v the combo match ups and you can literally trade Thoughtseize for it vs Burn and still very likely have a valid target for it. Duress has never been a bad card in it’s history both in and out of standard, sure it misses more often than Inquisition of Kozilek or Thoughtseize, but that doesn’t mean it’s unplayable. It’s just not main-deckable over the other two that’s all. Plus i live in fear of the combo match ups, which anything other than Abzan Company (aka Counters Company) it’s very relevant against.

Now let’s discuss Lost Legacy. Tokens has it’s bad match ups. One of them is Tron. How do we beat tron? Easy, GET RID OF UGIN. Easy enough. We can grind right into the late game with Tron. Yes it’s still rough, but we can keep up with them with the right draws especially when we get rid of their auto win payoff. It’s also just a relevant card vs combo, and I’ve even played it vs the UWx Control decks to fairly good results.


I haven’t really though of a sideboard plan in detail yet sadly. I’ll probably make another post about that after the tournament report that incoming in about the next 10 hours or so. Just keep an eye out for it.

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