Full Review: Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Matte

This review is a continuation of last weeks article here.


These sleeves were a little tougher than I thought they would be. I didn’t split a single one from shuffling all week in the 5 events I used them in. They handled my stress tests well enough to boot.

The one thing I did notice is that the corners did catch a small bit and causing them to bend and crease little.22164121_10207975439463639_792448497_o

It’s really tough to see, but you can almost see the crease in this shot.
I’ll do better in the future.

This is actually fairly common acrossed most sleeves so I won’t retract any points for that. That said thicker sleeves like the classic glossy Dragon Shields won’t have this issue.

The Points

So I grade sleeves on a 3 point scale. Durability, Shuffle Feel Single and Shuffle Feel Double, Quality.
Durability is purely on how tough the sleeve is. A sleeve that isn’t durable is prone to splitting quite often.
Shuffle Feel is fairly straightforward as it’s really just how much i like how they shuffle a 60 card deck. This check is weighted twice for both single and double sleeving.
Quality is literally everything else. How uniform are the size of the sleeves, packaging, how quickly do they collect dirt and grime? How much did they cost and do they feel like they are worth the money? Quite literally this is probably the most subjective score.

All these points are based on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being the worst, 10 highest. Then I collect them and give the average.

Durability: 9
Shuffle Single: 7
Shuffle Double: 8
Quality: 9

The Results

Grade: 8.25
Price: $8.99
Quantity: 80 Sleeves per pack

So I really like these sleeves, they held up quite well. I wasn’t a fan of the single sleeve shuffle feel but they did their job quite well. I purchased two packs and haven’t opened the second pack yet and have no spares left (those were sacrificed to the stress test). That said I wish they were just a little thicker, they aren’t fully opaque and the cards will show through unless you use a blackened inner sleeve.

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This review was not paid or endorsed by Ultimate Guard, No Limit Gaming, Comic Town Gaming Center, nor Epic Loot Comics and Games. I’d be suprised to know if any of these businesses even knew I reviewed this product.

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