First Impressions: Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Matte


In the world of accessories the number one thing you see MTG players do is add plastic card sleeves over their cards. The primary reason is because it will help prevent the cards from gaining any wear and tear it comes from bare shuffling the cards.
Long has it been that the top brands of the market being Dragonshield, KMC, and Ultra Pro have shown some degradation over time. Most likely due to production cost cutting or whatever have you. Well there seems to be a new competitor on the market and they’ve taken it by storm. That manufacturer’s name is Ultimate Guard.
They’ve taken the deck box market by storm by coming out with some fairly affordable high end boxes like the Sidewinder and the well regarded Flip N’ Tray. And now, they’ve entered the sleeve market with a product that I actually kinda like with first impressions.

Sleeve Size and Packaging

The sleeve we’re looking at today is the Supreme UX Matte Sleeve. The sleeve is a standard size being 66x91mm (according to the box) making it about the same size as Ultra pro and KMC sleeves meaning it cuts a little close to the top of the card, but not really enough for the card to push out of the top even when double sleeving.

Note I’m using blackened inner sleeves, this is to help show how tight the fit is.

 There’s plenty of room overall inside the sleeve itself and it feels like it’s just a little wider than what a Dragonshield sleeve is which makes it much easier for double sleeving.

22068850_10207945509035397_1307172983_o The little bit of room offered here definitely helps the card slide right in place without having to bend the cards and thus avoid warping them.

As for the packaging these sleeves come in a larger bulk sleeve packed in a paper box. That box is not reusable as a deck box like Dragonshield’s does, but most people won’t care about that anyways. My biggest complaint is that the back doesn’t have an English product description (Only Dutch, French, Spanish, and Italian) this is mostly due to Ultimae Guard being a European company I imagine.

Shuffle Feel

Well initially the shuffle feel is not bad at all. It’s not a double matte sleeve and the front is glossy which down the line could degrade the feel a small bit, but that’s a review for later down the line. That said the clarity the front has rivals KMC so your foils actually look really good in these sleeves.
The matte texture on the back is well made. It’s not rough like Dragonshield’s, but not as “glossylike” as KMC’s. It’s about an in between blend of the two, which serves this sleeve quite well and should hold up for some time.

Conclusion & Grade

I actually like these sleeves. It’s best to squeeze the air out of them when and if you double sleeve them and pack them tight in a deck box before you really get to using them. But, the shuffle feel is pretty good fresh and the process of sleeving isn’t too bad overall. The sleeve feels fairly thin, but a stress test show their fairly tough when just ripping them apart by hand.
On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being literal garbage to 10 being the greatest sleeve on Earth I put these about…. 8.4 of 10.

I’ll run this weeks events with them and see how well they hold up. I purchased two packs of 80 so I have plenty of spares on me in case I do find that they rip and tear easier than I think.


  1. Fair to say, however, compared to ultra pro these cost significantly more. I only make enough to feed my 8 children so im in the market for 2.00 sleeves to use with my foiled out expedition mardu control.

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