A new era of mtg content

Hey looks it’s a new article!

Actually it’s yet another announcement. First off I’d like to mention that the Springfield Magic Club has organized an aspiring competitive team.

Our 11 members are as follows:

Team Captain: Logan Hoberty
Vice Captain: Joshua Lee (me)
Noah Burns
Shelby Rogers
Kyle Tayloe
Justice Reames
Spencer Ridgway
Cody Clagg
Wyatt Gibson
Kenny Ackley
Forrest Kamperman
Robert Wilson

Wyatt Gibson has already earned an invite to the Pro Tour and plans on attending and Logan Hoberty has an invite to the StarCity Games Player Invitational and is 99th on the SCG Points Leaderboard and is the defending SCG Ohio Regional Modern Champion.

We’re all effectively local area grinders, but each of us has had amazing performances worthy of respect from even the more professional circuit. Well except myself…

Lets get to it here.

First off I’ve never done particularly well in high level tournaments, It’s been a mixed bag with my best record ever of going 6-3 at a SCG Classic for I think a 23rd place finish. It’s largely been my choice of decks and misplays and I often leave these events dream crushed and maybe a little salty.

I finally decided on something though. I’m gonna give up playing fair. Screw it. I’m gonna go back and play my favorite archetype in deck building. Combo, specifically I’m gonna play the best combo deck in the format right now. UR Storm.UR storm

Why storm? Well there’s a few reasons. First off I don’t like the Valakut decks. In fact most combo decks that really don’t want to draw a specific card are just not my thing. In Storm you don’t mind getting your grapeshot taken by a thoughtsieze.

This list I showed above is the same list that Caleb Scherer has been grinding away to some great success on thh StarCity Games Open Series Tour recently posting a Top 8 finish at Louisville, KY.

There are a couple of changes I think I’ll make though in the coming weeks.

First off
-2 Peek
+2 Opt

I like Peek as a card in this deck. But I really think Opt is better as a cantrip, that said Peek still has value as it adds much useful information.

-1 Grapeshot
+1 Empty the Warrens

Yes Grapeshot is the better wincon, but I like having a sinle Empty the Warrens in the deck for the occasional maindeck Leyline of Sanctity. Empty also is a lot easier to combo off with as it takes less effort to get a good storm count than Grapeshot does.

Obviously with the main deck changes I want to change up the sideboard. Likely I’d find some room to jam a Remand or 2. Yes Remand in the side. This is because I think the main deck should always be as consistent as possible and Remand while decent is really just a cantrip with cool interactions and doesn’t net any value when it’s alone.

That said I need to test these changes or really just goldfish the deck for a while. It’s been pretty solid so far on Xmage, but I find there’s a big difference between that and the paper world. Thankfully I have a fairly high power local metagame to help me learn the deck’s ins and outs before I take it to the next SCG IQ in Columbus, Ohio.

As for standard…..

Ixalan is the set I dreamed of so far. It’s looking to be fantastic and I can’t wait to dig into standard brewing. Right now I’m looking at possibly building some kind of RGx value creature deck. Likely dinosaurs since a lot of them seem to be pretty damn good. Plus I just enjoy the occasional good stuff deck. I currently think I might wrap it up in a mix of the Temur Energy like shell but look at possibly trading blue for another color or going straight GR. Who knows I’ve got plenty of time to work on the deck.

What Happened To FNM Hero

So yeah sorry i never updated you guys, I had to cancel FNM hero due to some emergency financial disasters (mostly mis-management on my part). I’ll pickup the challenge yet again one of these days so just you wait!


That’s all folks, have fun, play some great games of MTG and…. TAP-TAP CONCEDE! Or you know. Just win the game.

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