FNM Hero Challenge: Prerelease Results

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Welcome back to my FNM Hero Challenge!

So I bought a deckbox (basic $2 Ultra Pro) and Sleeves,(80ct Pack of Ultra Pro Eclipse was the best value at $8 vs Dragonshields $12 and KMC Anything $9+) and an entry for Prerelease ($30). However I went with a 3-1 Record at Prerelease giving me $20 storecredit.

This leaves me with $80. Now my LGS won’t be holding any Standard Events until the week after the release of Hour of Devastation (Release day will be drafts/sealed). I’m well aware I’m not really going to open enough out of a sealed pool or draft enough cards to have a decent constructed deck. So I have 2 weeks downtime to brew up a deck.

So what should I build? I’m not really sure. Here’s a Strawpoll. If you don’t see an answer you like just leave a comment.

Personally I don’t really care what I play. So I’ll leave it to the community. Also I should start like vlogging my mtg experiences >.>

Alternatively Modern is an option from Standard. However I personally feel we’ll have a much more competitive standard deck for an $80 budget compared with modern.

The Sealed Pool

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