I hereby Accept the FNM Hero Challenge

What? The $100 Challenge? Didn;t people stop doing that?

Yes you got that right! I have a budget, and absolutely NOTHING to start with. I cannot accept free trades, and I can only trade for a loss or breaking even (specifically at the time I make them). I have to buy sleeves, a deckbox, and possibly even a playmat off this budget including buying tournament entries.

My one goal is to “go infinite” That means that I need to make a deck good enough that it can win enough store credit to support tournament entries as well as a small profit fr upgrades.

All my prices are going to be based on my LGS’s base price model (TCGPlayer Medium) I will not order cards online and work exclusively out of my LGS’s collection + Whatever’s in the free box.

I’ll be starting this column tonight with the Hour of Devastation Prerelease. Which means out of my $100 budget I’m immediately out the cost of the entry ($30) I plan to keep my entire sealed pool for this challenge specifically.

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