The Faith, What Happened in 2015, And Where I’m Going…. Hopefully.

  I’m not religious, not Christian. I hold no god, I do not prepare for a salvation. I don’t worry about an eternity in torment either.
I have the Faith.
A faith in an ideal, a common goal, a better future. Nothing more. It’s not a religion, if anything I’m just a hopeful day dreamer. You won’t see me walking into a church to practice this simply because I am my own church.
  I used to wake up every morning dreading each day. Work? I hated my job as a tech support rep for Verizon. It wasn’t uncommon that I would be driving down the highway wondering if I hit that bridge support if I would die. It got really scary and I don’t like thinking about it. It was my depression, the worst three and a half years of my life.
  It was until one day I got a call from a customer, the very first call of the day, with a TV issue. I heard in the back round someone shouting “I had faith that this guy will help us!” I realized something. If I wanted a better future I needed to grasp it. Not allow myself to be swallowed in the bowels of misery at my own short comings. So I did what I probably shouldn’t have done. After getting off the call I put down my headset logged out of the phone system. Threw my badge on the Call Center Mangers desk and walked right out the front door.
 Sure it was a bad move, but man I felt great. I had no real plans, but later that day I envisioned a goal and set myself to it.
  •  First step was to evacuate myself from everything that was….. me. I went home first. Figured I’d move back to Logan County and restart my life and pay off the debts I put myself in.
  •  Second step was to finally get the damn certificates so I can prove to people that yes. I know a metric ton of stuff about Linux networking, development and such.
  •  Third establish a career, doing… something. Something that I legitimately just want to do.
 Funny how I accomplished nearly all 3 of those not even 2 year later. Just earlier this week I got my LPI Linux Essentials certification which immediately qualifies me for roughly any level 1 helpdesk role I believe. Next up is LPIC, REL7/8, and LFCSA.
I’ll have all of these completed by the end of this year and all my remaining current debts paid off by April 2018.
 I’m on a track of success through literal blood, sweat, and tears. I have a better future ahead of me and I’m coming for it. All based on some back round chatter from someone in New Jersey that I honestly hated.
 It’s faith that drives me, not in a god, not in a religion. It’s faith in myself. “I Have The Faith” Four words that hold a special meaning to me and me alone. A recognition of who I am, of some idiot standing with his fist in the air shouting like a madman.
See you eventually,
Joshua A.E. Lee

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