Tournament Report: MUD 2/26/2016

Untitled Document.mdThe Deck:


by 10leej

Mainboard (83)

Artifact (17)

Land (24)

Creature (17)

Planeswalker (2)

Sideboard (15)

I played in 2 separate events last night in my first venture out with my newly received MUD deck. Safe to say I love how “consistent” the deck is. Overall decks great glad I bought it. Needs some fine tuning still.

Alas here’s the report:

Event 1:

Round 1: I played vs Burn, never got around to doing anything outside of game 2 where I managed to play all of the burn players favorite cards (I mulled to 4 game 1 and kept the shittiest hand alive game 3)

Round 2: It;s been 24 hours at this point, all I remember is that I lost.

Round 3: I played against budget grixis pyromancer. Lost to a timely Counterspell targetting my Blightsteel Colossus because I forgot to pay off my cavern which I forgot named “Golemn”

Event 2:

Second event 3-0-1 beating miracles, burn, and everyones favorite RUG delver player. Splitting with reanimator and losing quite handily in lolz play.

Round 1: I played Miracles, I love miracles. I’ll play above that counter top and make you waste all your terminus.

Round 2: Burn, I got the good hands

Round 3: RUG Delver, Turn 1 lodestone golemn, turn 2 trinisphere turn 3 chalice on 1. Stole game 1.Game 2 I did basically the same thing and we both kinda just stared at each other after he answered my lodestone golemns. Eventually I just went over top of him.

Round 4: Reanimator was a fun match. We split but played. Basically we just played all the hate cards and he went over top.

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