January 13th, 2015

Missed a bunch of days, but that’s because I’ve made myself quite busy with recording episodes for Reboot 2 Linux. Though it does seem that Jupiter Broadcasting is restarting How To Linux which them stopping is what inspired me. I might continue however just because I need something to do with my spare time and I’ve alreadyinvested time and even a small bit of money into Reboot2Linux.

By the way just decided I’ll use it all in one work. Reoot2Linux looks much better than Reboot2Linux. Maybe see if I can get a graphic designer to make me a fancy logo? It does seem that I am starting to gain some traction in the website views even though I posted one really crappy episode (remind me to get a HDMI capture device).

Anyways in more personal news I got hired to a permanent position at work (yay!). Took a drug test and came back to take a fantastic picture of the frozen side of my house.

My house is frozen in Ice!

My house is frozen in Ice!

Anyways I think I’m gonna go warm up with a hot cup of coffee maybe some breakfast too.

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January 3rd, 2014

Yep missed a day, that’s alright it takes 7 months to make something a habit. I’ll just continue working on this as I go. Anyways been staying at my brother’s place a couple days and making efficient use of his land line internet, even if his router adamantly refuses to allow me to connect to his wireless. That’s what we have good old Ethernet cables for after all.

Anyways we’ve been playing a lot of magic the gathering and I took my mono green hydras into a modern tournament. Did pretty well in the matches but it’s moody attitude towards me kinda held me back to .500 but I’m gonna try splashing in a bit of red to see what happens. Not sure how it’ll do though too be honest.

Also, using a new backend for wordpress still pretty confusing as wordpress is vastly different than what it used to be so yoou might not even be able to see this post.

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January 1st, 2015

January 1st, 2015

First day of the year, first day of my journals existence! I’m typing this as I watch the 4th quarter of the Ohio State vs. Alabama game with 8:46 left. Expecting the buckeyes to win they’ve supposedly looked good so far, but then again I just turned on the TV after doing a home search and listening to my podcasts.

Anyways my name is Joshua Adam Elliott Lee. I’m a factory worker on currently a temp to hire job with a real chance of being hird by the end of next week (yay!). I’m also he host of the Reboot 2 Linux podcast (but alas, thats yet to be!). Currently of the estimated age of 23, 5’8 (or 174cm, I think), and pretty damn scruffy lookin. I’ve got a few pictures as well.

I’m a huge supporter of Linux, hence why I’m working on a how to show for… Linux of course. I’ve recorded a few videos already though their kinda terrible in quality so I’m going to have to re-record them. But I did post a video on the Reboot 2 Linux YouTube channel, but it’ pretty bad overall, definitely gonna redo it likely using a virtual machine, but I need a better CPU for that. But, we can try it. I’m confident that even though the virtual machine will lag like hell on my duel core system I can at least get a good explanation out with a visual explanation.

And OSU just went up 42 to 28 with 3:24 left on the clock

Anyways I really wanna see if I can get Reboot 2 Linux into a podcasting group. I really feel that would make my life a little easier, but at the same time I kinda wanna head out and do my own thing. I really feel like I can make it work. Especially since I even got a small following from the Jupiter Broadcasting community (thanks to Palasso for coming up with the name for the show) and Ubu from The Linux Tech & Gaming Podcast seems like a strong voucher.

Possibly if Reboot 2 Linux gets going can see about making a weekly thing, but thats more work for me to deal with. Not sure I wanna go through that. For now I’m just recording as I work on setting my current Ubuntu system. Which is a cheapish Acer laptop I picked up (I do have an unboxing video for that). This is probably gonna be the same laptop I’m gonna use for the entirety of Reboot 2 Linux

Alabama just scored now it’s 42 to 35 with 1:59 to go. However OSU just caught Alabama’s attempted onside kick. Good job #6 whoever you might be.

Anyways I will get a desktop system up and going eventually, not sure when though but I do have this fancy TV I’m not using so I think I’m gonna use that to mirror my desktop and put that to my back when I record the videos and see how that turns out. I got a pretty ok camera so I think I can pull that off. Really do need to get a better camera looking at either a Microsoft Lifecam Studio or a Logitech c970 either should work fine, but I’d look to see if I can find a comparison video.

Eww bad bad set of downs for OSU there, now they’re gonna have to punt to Alabama with 1:39 left on the clock.


Anyways thats all for now.

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